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Thursday, August 21, 2014


This is one of the best collection that I have seen Cole Haan made. Check out the video before browsing the photos! :) #ZeroGrand

Elegant & Classy. This is what I think about Cole Haan's Zerogrand. 
Quality wise, it is outstanding. During the even, they showed a video of  Zerogrand being used for a parkour
and free running session and I cannot believe that it is possible. If we'll talk about the comfort, Zerogrand is the perfect shoes that will surely make you walk not only with comfort but also with style. The design is very unique, it looks like 2014 brogues. All new concept and design.  

The shoe on the table is the upcoming design of Cole Haan's Zerogrand. 
They said that it will be released on September 2014.

I loved the program! They made it more exciting for everyone when they said that Zerogrand for women will be released next year! :)

They had a giveaway! Too bad I didn't win. Congratulations Sarah Tirona! :))

Seph, my Brogue fella. :D

I died seeing this. This will be released next month. <3

I love the food that they served! Event of the year for me. :)) 

If I will buy a pair, I will get these!
If you want this, make sure to drop by Cole Haan Rockwell Branch, Cole Haan Shangrila Mall Branch.
OR if you want to see more designs, 
Like them on Facebook fb.com/Cole-Haan-Philippines
Also Follow them on Instagram @iwearcolehaan

Thank you to Cole Haan for having me! 

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Monday, August 18, 2014


I want to flaunt my socks without wearing shorts so I tried wearing my joggers. It looks good and I am comfortable with it. I want to wear things that I haven't tried wearing before!

You just have to keep pushing yourself to try out trends, because it will help you discover what trend/style will fit you.

I like the details of this jogger because it's totally edgy. Zippers make it more stylish.

This is my favorite pair of  all my Stance Socks. Hail Mary. Thanks, John A.!

This watch is a gift from my Bubbie. I love this watch because of it's gold details. and this is my second G-shock. Reminds me of the watch that my lolo used to wear. 

(Details: Top, VICIOUS. follow them on IG "@viciouz_viwear". Jogger, TOPMAN. Sweater, TOPMAN. Socks, STANCE. Shoes, ADIDAS. Eyewear, SM ACCESSORIES.)

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