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Monday, April 20, 2015

Know your worth.

I love attending events that requires to wear a suit, it brings out my creativity. Creativity in a way that I get to pick the details (I am talking about the necktie, bow-tie, cuff-links, other accessories.)  that will make my outfit look outstanding, but believe it or not, it is somehow challenging. How? Sometimes you have the perfect pieces but it doesn't fit you well and that is a big problem. I knew my style matured over years, because the other day I was going through my old photos and I saw my high-school OOTD, I used to not care about the fit of my suit. But as I grew older, I learned that the fit is the most important part of the suit. Reading Menswear books, magazines (GQ, MegaMan, Garage), articles online made a big impact on my wardrobe, it helped me become more aware with small but important details. If you think dressing up is that easy for us men, you're getting it all wrong. Suits are complicated to make that's why you really have to invest on what you're wearing. Not saying you should spend on $2000 (PHP80,000+) suits, all I am saying is that don't be scared to pay for something that will make you look appealing. Let's put it this way, if you were to impress a woman you want to be with, but she doesn't know you, how will you grab her attention? Of course, it'll be weird if you give her flowers out of no-where. I say, grab not only hers, but everyone's attention. Walk in the room with confidence, and make them remember you. Being effortless makes your more attractive, so make sure that you are comfortable with what you are wearing. Here's my top 6 styling tips when wearing a suit.

1. The fit explains everything. - Confidence comes out naturally, you will not have it if you don't feel comfortable about yourself. You should know the perfect fit for you. I figured out that "Slim fit" is my fit, how? I am slim and tall, and this cut made me look taller and sexy? If that's the perfect description. I want to look elegant and classy, in a modern way.

2. Choose your weapons wisely. - Necktie? Bow-tie? Cuff-links? Pocket-square? You're right, These are the essentials you need to accessorize your suit. To be honest with you, Choosing the colors or prints to accessorize my suit is my main problem. Black and white is my thing, but lately, I have been working on my wardrobe adding more colors. Remember when I told you to step out your comfort-zone and be daring? That's what I am doing now. The accessories that you will wear will make you powerful so make sure to match everything carefully.

3. Groom yourself. - Looking neat is a must, I am very sure you don't want to wear a suit with a messy hair or with an unshaved beard? Let the barber do the magic. Looking good and neat will you give you that extra boost of confidence. Want to know how I groom myself? I'll be posting about it soon.

4. Wear a perfume. - What I love about my mom and dad is that they smell good. I don't know how they do it but their perfume lasts for a day. Whenever I am with them I just can't ignore the scent, it's like I can follow them with my eyes closed. That's why for me it is very important to smell good. Invest on the cologne you will wear because it will say something about you. I remember Dani (My girlfriend) telling me that she finds me attractive because I always smell good. I'll be posting the colognes I wear soon.

5. Shoes. End the book with a happy ending. - I am a shoe collector. I have brogue shoes, boots, sneakers, and all that. I invest on shoes because it is something you can keep, aside from your jewelries. Expensive shoes doesn't always go with expensive suits, you should always know the right pair of shoes to wear with your outfits. Like when you are wearing a bow, wear it with a tuxedo shoes (Shiny). I always tell my readers that it is important to update their footwear. Your shoes are the first thing people will see when they look at your outfit. Trust me it's worth every penny. 

Number 6 is an advice I got from my mom that I will never forget. Thanks mom.
I trust her cause it's what Scott Disick said too. Kidding.

6. Know your worth. - Walk in the room and know your worth. Do you get me? Wear a jewelry and get that classic look. Wearing a jewelry makes the suit look better. I recommend you to wear a slim watch that will fit your suit. I wore the Rolex that my grandfather gave my mom. Match it with a gold cuff-links, trust me your look will be effortlessly loud. Not saying you should wear expensive watches but if you have, that'd be better. 

Now, walk in the room with confidence and let them remember you. 

(Outfit Details : Suit Jacket, Shirt, TM LEWIN. Trousers, Crossings (Designer Label). Shoes, Hugo Boss. Necktie (Slim), TOPMAN. Watch, ROLEX.)

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Pictures taken by Cheska & Bianca Simeon.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Kathryn Berndardo for OraCare

Considered as one of the today's most in-demand television and movie star. Now, everyone is asking "what is the best version of the Teen Queen?". Read more to know her answers! :)

I attended the event of OraCare's 8 Real Good Things for Kathryn Bernardo. They revealed the 8 Real Good Things for her and it was very interesting because she is very true to herself, she is absolutely inspring. When she was called to the stage, she talked about her hygiene, especially her oral health. Using OraCare gave her that extra boost of confidence to achieve more things. "Parang ngang OraCare is the mouthwash for our generation, it is convenient to use, walang hassle dahil walng sting, yet very effective." Says Kathryn.
I agree with her because it's true that using OraCare gavis you that extra boost of confidence. In my line of work, talking is very important and ofcourse to impress people, you have to have a good presentation of yourself, not only that I love to dress up and look stylish, but I make sure that my hygiene is 100% noticeable. I am talking about brushing your teeth 3 times daily or as much as possible, every after meals and then using OraCare as my finale. 

"When the project was first pitched to me, I was super happy kasi mga trustworthy yung brand lalo na't gawa 'to ng Pascual Lab." Says Kathryn.
The brand was very happy to launch their first commercial with Kathryn, The clip aims to inspire the younger generation to be conscious about their oral hygiene and adopt the habit if choosing things that will be good for them. Why listen to Kathryn? She talked about her life as kid, she already knew what she wanted to do, it lead her to choose the things that will be good for her, things that will help her achieve her dreams. 
In the middle of her interview, She said something that motivated everyone,"If you love what you do, magre-reflect 'yun sa work mo. As long as you want something, strive for it, walang imposible." Says Kathryn.

Now that I have shared Kathryn's story with you, know the 8 real good things for her!

1. Good Book - Books by Nicholas Sparks "The Last Song"
2. Good Food - Pizza and Chicken "They're my comfort food."
3. Good Workout - Core Exercise "Improves her balance and stability."
4. Good Animal - Dogs "Their presence lightens up everything!"
5. Good Music - Jack Johnson's music "His music speakes to me."
6. Good Place - Los Angeles "Perfect place to reflect and relax."
7. Good Role Model - Mom "My mom is a very strong woman and I idolize her for that."
8. Good Mouthwash - OraCare. What Kathryn and everyone loves about OraCare is that it doesn't have alcohol or that burning sensation and strong aftertaste. 
"OraCare is my choice because it boosts my confidence allowing me to be the best that I can be. It's real good for me!"

Now you know, to be successful like the Teen Queen, you must surround yourselves with only good things that will help you become better individuals. So start choosing what's good for you!

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